How to Hard Reset the Asus Memo Pad HD7

The Asus Memo Pad HD7 is a dual-core Android tablet released in September 2012. It features a 7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 800×1280. If you own this tablet, it’s likely that over time the processing time for most tasks will increase, slowly consuming more resources until the tablet becomes very difficult to use. In this case, you can often solve the problem by performing a hard reset. You can reset the Asus Memo to factory settings in a few quick steps, but before moving further there are a few things you probably want to know.

The Asus Memo Pad HD7 comes with a modest dual-core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM in both 16 GB and 32 GB configurations, without the option for extra storage via MicroSD card slot. Extra storage can be made available, however, through a wireless connection and a subscription to any cloud service.

This will become very important as you prepare for the hard reset because the procedure will erase all of your personal information from the device and re-install the operating system. If you do not have a cloud service activated, you can make a backup through USB. Either way you choose, it’s absolutely necessary if you don’t to lose your personal data.

There is one method available for resetting the Asus Memo to its factory settings. Through Android’s boot-up recovery mode, it is possible to erase all of your personal data and re-install Android as if it were a new device.

Once this is done, any software errors that may have accumulated on your system will have been erased, along with everything else. If you have your backup prepared, then you are ready to begin the process:

  1. With the tablet off, push and hold the Power & Volume Down keys (for some terminals this works with the Volume Up button instead).
  2. A small menu will appear. Select the second option, “Recovery Mode”.
  3. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset from the available options.
  4. Enter Yes to confirm and let the device initialize.

When the Asus is finished, you will have a like-new Memo on your hands. You can restore your backup through the same Recovery mode, through USB, or through the cloud depending on where you decided to save your backup information.

  • Slađan Šljuka

    I have Asus memopad hd7. I try this and didn’t work. I figure that power button and volume up button comes the device to recovery mode! Sorry for my bad English.

  • J.A. van der Vliet

    Hi, There is a small error in the guiding text. Instead of using the
    volume – key during startup, you should use the volume + key to start
    the recovey mode.
    Then everything works fine 🙂

    • Alex Serban

      Hello. Thanks for the correction. Since we’ve also received some reports that the procedure works with the Volume -, we’ve added your contribution above.

  • Mistr Jan

    Power and volume+ (close side to power) buttons held down show boot menu with recovery mode, fastboot mode and normal boot. My problem is that recovery mode issues to “no commands” message and fastboot leads to persistent searching of something missing. I have an original ROM from ASUS on my microSD (corrupted system is in internal memory) but it is not connected and not readable – boot halts with persistent rotating circle before mounting the card. Any other connection to internal memory or to activating the system on the microSD?

  • Hannibal Dobbs

    These instructions sure didn’t help. Asus Memo 7 HD.
    Couple/few crucial steps missing.

    • Alex Serban


      Can you please detail what exactly is missing ?:) Thanks

  • Edward Etter

    I used the volume- and volume+ and all i get is it in safe mode but i never get a menu it just starts in safe mode each time but only for volume- the other doesnt do anything

  • Brandon

    I was able to reset it, but now my bottom keys are gone. How do i fix this

  • Marcel Speta

    i am facing the same problem with ME102A model. Navigation buttons just disappeared and even the Factory reset didn’t help! What a crap….
    Is there any description what others options in Recovery Menu means? There were couple of others beside the Factory reset. … thnx

  • Maltmouse

    On mine I cannot even get it to power off as that on the touch screen doesn’t even work. I don’t care about saving any information

  • Mika

    I did this, and now the pad is stuck in a permanent boot loop.
    Cannot shut it off either. Had to let it run out of battery. Now it’s a paperweight.

    • iniesta

      try to do the same thing couple of times until works. same problem for me, but I re-do the steps couple of times and now it’s working fine.

  • Erah Bagley

    nothing works. ive pushed the little button through the little hole and held the buttons every combination. please help me someone!!!

  • Erah Bagley

    all I get is a not connected to usb cable or right back to error page with google user name and password which it wont accept

  • Dennis Furr

    I just did this and it was power+vol up. The rest was easy.

  • Denise

    I just did this …power button and volume up button , hold for a few seconds . hey presto it works

  • Doris Grover

    The tablet is frozen. Unable to unlock or power down. When power drains unable to do anything. Sorry I bought this tablet. Touch screen not responding at al

  • melissa

    i have an asus tablet model number k013 it came with my direct tv ;life shield security system and i cannot for the life of me get into the reboot menu to download an os system onto it and us as normal tablet please someone help me

  • carlos

    my asus is stuck on hard reboot page and just says error how can i get it to move pass that

  • Michael Mitchell

    I tried to do mine and it keeps coming up error.