Galaxy Young S6310 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Galaxy Young model was announced in February 2013 and launched by Samsung Mobile during the following month of the same year. Coming with an optional Dual-SIM card, as well as 4GB data storage space and a 1 GHz processor, this smartphone operates on the Jelly Bean OS. Coming with no keyboard, but equipped with a large 3.27-inch touchscreen that allows multiple users to be giving commands to it at the same time, this one’s close to being one of the best models from this company.

If you’re dealing with software errors or other bothering messages, lagging and issues, you can hard reset the Galaxy Young S6310 quite easily. The procedure will restore the default soft and settings, so that your cellphone looks like you just purchased it. This also implies that all internal files will be erased, but whatever was saved onto the SIM card(s) will remain intact.

samsung-galaxy-young fullYou can use a micro SD card to make a backup if necessary. This can save up to 64GB, so it should be enough when transferring pictures, music, apps, videos, audio files and other documents. However, the device only comes with one camera – its 3.15 MP one that can indeed record 480p@@24fps videos, but nothing too impressive should be expected of it. The 1300 mAh battery is easily removable, so you can perform a soft restore on the device if you believe that this might solve the problem.


If you tried to enter your PIN code for more than 3 consecutive times and got it wrong, you would most certainly be dealing with a blocked phone right now. What this means is that you probably can’t access any of the files on it, copy them or use the installed applications. In all such cases, the life savior will be the well-known master reset.

However, we dunnot only use this procedure for a forgotten password. It is also useful when the device fails to work properly, seems to have been attacked by a bug or is slower than usual. In all cases, a sudden blocked phone, unexpected restarts and similar problems can arise, which means that you won’t have the time to save any of the data on the RAM. This is the main reason why we advise our readers to keep a backup at all times and update it as often as possible.

Also, whenever you start noticing the first few issues, it’s best to create an up-to-date backup right away, as you can never know when the phone will suddenly shut down. For restoring the original software on the Young S6320, you should follow these instructions:

  1. Turn the phone off or leave it this way if it switched off.
  2. Press Volume Up, Home and Power, and then hold.
  3. After a few seconds, release the keys and let the menu load.
  4. Select Wipe Data and confirm it with Power.
  5. Highlight Yes and confirm this selection once again.
  6. Allow for the wipe to be complete, and then press Reboot.

Just to clarify, whenever you’re already inside of the menu, you can use the same buttons to navigate as you’d do with similar Samsung smartphones. That is, the Volume Up and Volume Down keys that can be found on the right side of the phone’s housing.