Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Win I8550 Guide

The Galaxy Win is a powerful smartphone from Samsung Mobile. Coming with 2G, 3G, as well as GPRS and EDGE network support, this is the kind of phone that works fantastically well with 2 SIM cards. You can take advantage of a frontal cam and a rear 5MP one that are equipped with touch focus, and whenever you want to surf the net, you can do so thanks to the Wi-Fi hotspot. If you’re ever having trouble with this phone, we recommend doing a hard reset on the Samsung Galaxy Win I8550.

To begin with the most important bits, a master restore procedure is a simple method to use in order to bring all default settings back in no more than 5 minute. It’s also a quick way to reinstall the original OS, delete everything you’ve saved onto the RAM and reset things such as passwords and codes that you may have forgotten. If there are important files to be saved, remember that it’s entirely your responsibility to make a backup before you follow the steps below.



When you want to restore the factory soft on your Samsung smartphone, there are quite a few things to keep in mind. First of all, try to remember that not all problems are always caused by a virus or software bug. One of the first things to do before doing the reset is to empty the internal memory or remove as many files and apps that you don’t use as possible.

The more documents are stored on the RAM, the slower the device will become. Besides, you’d also want to make sure that the phone is fully charged before disconnecting the USB cable. By taking it out before it’s meant to be, you can cause quite a bit of damage to the OS. A soft reset can also solve the issues, but let’s talk about the master one here, since this is why you’re reading the article.

Do proceed with this operation, do as follows:

  1. Switch the phone off and press Volume Up & Home.
  2. Hold both keys, then press Power while holding.
  3. Wait until the Android logo appears, and then let go.
  4. The Recovery Menu will load, and you can use Volume + and – to navigate.
  5. Choose Factory Reset and press Power to go to the next window.
  6. Select Yes using the exact same buttons as before, and then tap Power.
  7. Let the device erase all files, and then press Power to reboot it.

You can always just go for the simpler way to do it, too:

  1. Turn the device on and load the Apps Tray.
  2. From the Main Menu, go to Settings and wait.
  3. Load the Backup & Reset section and press Factory Data Reset.
  4. Click Reset to confirm, and then press Erase Everything.