How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy W I8150

The Samsung Galaxy W I8150 is a small and full-featured smart phone released in 2011. As part of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series, it houses some of the most advanced phone internals available at the time of its release, second only to the larger Galaxy S II. If you’ve owned and used this phone for those few years it has been  on the market, you may have begun to notice an increase in the phone’s loading times, frequency of hangs, and operating system errors.

In this case, a hard reset can often resolve these problems by reinstalling the operating system and resetting the phone to its factory settings. The factory reset method outlined in this article is easy and safe to perform on your Samsung Galaxy W I8150.

The Galaxy W 18150 comes with a MicroSD slot that can carry up to 32 GB of extra storage space in your phone. This, along with your phone’s SIM card, should be removed before attempting a factory reset.

Galaxy W

Restoring the Galaxy W I8150

You must be aware that this procedure will erase all the information stored on the phone, including third-party applications, contacts, and photos. You will want to make a back up of all this data before resetting your phone or even reading any further. Don’t worry, the internet will wait for you.


This first  method uses the phone’s internal firmware to reinstall the operating system and resolve the software errors that often cause hangs, freezing, and constant error messages. This is very useful if these problems begin to affect your ability to use the phone, especially since you don’t have to use the touchscreen, instead relying on the more reliable buttons on each side of the phone. To begin the procedure, start with your phone off:

  1. Turn the phone on using the Power key.
  2. As soon as you see the Samsung start-up logo, press and hold both the Home and Volume Up buttons on either side of the phone.
  3. Release the buttons after you see the Android logo appear. This will take about ten seconds.
  4. Hit the Options button (situated at the left side of the Home button) to load the recovery menu.
  5. Once the recovery menu has loaded, use the Volume keys to select Wipe Data/Factory Reset and push the Home key to enter.
  6. Select Reboot System Now and wait for your phone to reset.