Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Tab P100 to Factory Data

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a high quality smartphone released in September 2010 by Samsung Mobile.  If your Samsung Galaxy Tab P100 is not working and you’re experiencing an increased number of errors, it might be time to perform a hard reset.

As it happens with all factory resets, data loss is produced as a result of the procedure. To avoid losing important information, you should make a backup of all the data you’d like to save: contacts, messages, pictures, music, etc. This article will show you how to create a backup, as well as perform a master reset, but first things first – there are a few details about this Samsung device that you should know before getting started.

The phone runs on Android OS and is equipped with a 3.15MP camera attached with autofocus and geo-tagging that serves for both taking pictures and recording videos. With a memory of 8GB internal storage, this Samsung comes with a variety of applications, such as Sprint TV, Organizer, Youtube, Picasa, Thinkfree Office, etc.

Having a WIFI hotspot, as well as Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP,  Samsung Galaxy Tab P100 features a 4000 mAh battery and a 1GHz processor. Thanks to its micro SD card, an additional up to 32GB can be stored on the phone: photos, music, applications and so on.

Resetting the Galaxy Tab P100

Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-SPH-P100 full

If you’re experiencing minor problems with your phone, you might want to give it a try and perform a soft reset first. In this case, you can turn the phone off using the soft reset button (the power button). Then remove the battery for 2-3 minutes and place it back it. Turn the phone back on to check if it works properly.

The second option is to restore the phone to master software, which means you will not only lose the data, but also take advantage of a brand new operating system. This will allow your phone to regain functionality. While a factory data reset will cause the loss of information, it is important to know that such a procedure can be extremely useful, as it is one quick way to solve software-related issues that interfere with your user experience. In order to avoid losing anything important, make sure you make a backup.

P1000 buttonsTo do so, you can connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab P100 to a computer or another external device using the USB cable. Once connected, you can copy all the information to that device. Another option for backing up the data is to download the PhoneCopy application for Android – this one will guide your through saving all the information you need.

When you’re done saving everything you need, you can start the procedure. A hard reset using keys on your phone can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Press the Home Key of your phone and then press the Menu button.
  2. Choose the Settings option, then go to Privacy.
  3. Choose Factory Data Reset.
  4. Read the disclaimer and confirm by tapping Reset device.
  5. Confirm once more by tapping Erase everything. Your phone will reboot and be ready in a few minutes.