Hard Reset the Galaxy S4 Active I9295 to Factory Soft

This Galaxy phone is also available for AT&T under the name Samsung I537 and uses GSM, LTE, as well as HSPA as its technologies. The device with a large 5 inches display runs on Android’s Jelly Bean operating system. It can, however, be upgraded to run on a newer version – 5.0.1, or better said Lollipop. Owning this cellphone, you probably know how well it tends to work unless something bad happened to it. Whenever a virus attacks it, it’s loaded with too much data, it hasn’t been charged properly or other things made it perform poorly, you might have to hard reset the Galaxy S4 Active I9295.

As you surely know this already, the cellphone can be reset in the same way as you’d normally do this procedure on a computer. This being said, you can follow the instructions in the following section to reinstall the initial version of the software and erase all files. If there is anything important that you’d like to save before doing so, please make sure that you make a backup.


This one can be saved onto the microSD card that stores 64GB. This should be more than enough, given that your Galaxy phone can only save a maximum of 16GB out of which 12GB user available. You must definitely have a few good pictures taken with the 8MP or the frontal 2MP cameras, or you could as well have work-related files, videos, music and other important documents that have to be transferred.


You can have problems with your Samsung Galaxy phone for many reasons. While some of the main causes involve a powerful virus, the same issues can also be due to an overloaded internal memory. If there is too much data saved onto the device, this can be slowing it down and causing it to lag or freeze. A good solution is to let it cool down for a bit by doing a soft reset, and then delete some of the useful files and tools.

You can do this kind of resetting by switching the phone off with the Power key. After having done this, you can also remove the battery, so that it doesn’t have any more power using it up. It takes a minute at most to get it cooled down. Afterwards, you can reinsert this one and switch the phone on.

galaxy-s4-active resetThe master reset, though, is a different procedure. This is the one that we were talking about in the first section of the article and has the power to erase all the documents stored on the phone in just a few minutes. You can use one of the methods above, but let’s take a look at the first one:

  1. Load the Menu and go to Apps.
  2. Open Settings and then Backup & Reset.
  3. Highlight Factory Reset and confirm it by tapping Reset Phone.
  4. Tap Erase All and the operation will begin.

The most famous was to bring the Galaxy S4 back to default, though, is the one below:

  1. Press Power to switch the phone off and wait until it’s completely shut down.
  2. Press Volume Up and Power, and then hold Home together with the first two.
  3. Wait for the Menu to be displayed, and then use Volume keys for navigating.
  4. Select Wipe Data and press Power to go further.
  5. Highlight Yes and select it the same as before.
  6. Wait for the wipe to be done and press Power to reboot.