Hard Reset the Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 to Factory Soft

The Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 is a camera phone in the purest sense of the word. Samsung released this touch screen mobile phone in late 2012. It’s a powerful quad-core phone running Android 4.1 with many unique features.

If you own this device and begin to experience slow response times, abruptly quitting applications and other problems, you could benefit by running a hard reset on the device. The hard reset is a procedure which will reset the Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 to factory settings, eliminating the software errors that are causing you these problems.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100’s most obvious feature is the addition of a large zooming lens camera on the backside of the phone. This camera is a 16 MP powerhouse that shoots professional quality photographs in a variety of lighting conditions. Another useful feature is the addition of a MicroSD card slot that allows for up to 64 GB of extra storage space, which is critical for making the best use of the high quality camera.


How to Reset the Galaxy Camera

Before moving any further with the factory reset procedure, it’s important to know that this will erase all of your personal data and information. All your contacts, messages, applications, and yes, all those pictures will be deleted while the system re-installs the operating system.

Making a backup on the MicroSD card is an excellent option, although Samsung also provides options for this to be done wireless through Google Play or even through a USB connection to your desktop computer. Whichever method you prefer, it’s critical to have a backup ready before moving any further.

If you’ve already made your backup and feel ready to proceed, there are two methods available. The first covered in this article uses the home screen menu built into the Android operating system:

  1. From the home screen menu, enter Settings, then Backup & Data Reset.
  2. Choose Factory Data Reset from the menu, then tap on Reset Device.
  3. Hit Delete All to confirm, and let the phone take a few minutes to initialize.

If for any reason you’re unable to navigate the home screen menu, you can also perform the reset procedure using the hardware keys to enter into the phone’s Recovery Mode:


  1. With the phone on, hold down the Power key and the Zoom + key for several seconds.
  2. The phone will reboot into Recovery Mode. Select Factory Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  3. Confirm your selection and let the phone restart itself after a few minutes.

Either of these methods will reset the operating system of the Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100, and each is designed to address a specific problem. The home screen navigation menu can become corrupted over time and it may become impossible to perform the reset without using the hardware keys.

Thankfully, Samsung included two methods just for this instance. Once the phone is reset you can restore your backup data and continue using the phone as if it were brand new.