Hard Reset the Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam to Factory Soft

Launched by Samsung in July 2012, the Galaxy Beam is a powerful smartphone equipped with a variety of amazing features. Its two cameras, the 8 GB storage capacity and the dual-core 1 GHz processor are just a few examples. If you are proud to own this phone, we’re certain you’d like to keep on taking advantage of its functionality from now on. This is why today’s article will focus on the hard reset procedure for the Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam.

You may wonder why we chose to discuss such a topic, so here are a few of our reasons. First of all, whenever you have a software issue (e.g.: fatal errors, failing apps, hangs) this process is going to solve them all instantly. Secondly, if you happen to have acquired a virus when you transferred files on to this device, the same master restore is going to erase all documents to make sure the virus is removed. On the other hand, though, given this aspect, you should make sure you don’t lose any important data by making a backup.


Running on Android’s Gingerbread OS, the phone’s software can be easily upgraded to Jelly Bean. The main camera is a 5 MP one attached with touch focus, autofocus, face and smile detection, while the secondary one is a 1.3 MP camera. They can both help you take amazing photos and record 720p videos. With NovaThor U8500 as its chipset, the device also has a Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth v3.0.


When it comes to saving your media files, messages, contacts, applications and other similar files you might want to keep, the operation you have to perform is very easy. All there needs to be done is download the Phone Copy app from here – it is a free tool to use – and install it to follow the instructions on the screen for the backup.

Once this is done and you’re ready to move further, you should try the method below first – this one is ideal for a frozen device, when the display in unresponsive and the keyboard does not respond to your commands:

  1. With the device switched off, press the Volume Up key together with the Power and Home keys.samsung-galaxy-beam-keys
  2. When the phone vibrates release the Power and Home buttons and continue holding Volume.
  3. Scroll down within the Recovery Menu, using the Volume keys and select Wipe Data/Factory Data Reset.
  4. Confirm your choice by tapping Home and allow for the next screen to come up.
  5. The same as before, select Yes and confirm it with Home.
  6. Wait for the process to be complete and follow any additional indications that might pop up on the screen.

An alternative to the previous method is using the hard reset code in order to restore the Galaxy Beam to factory settings. To use this one, do the following:

  1. Switch the phone off and remove the SIM card before proceeding.
  2. Press the Power key and choose Emergency Call to move further.
  3. Enter the code: *2767*3855# and allow your Samsung to reboot.