How to Hard Reset the Celkon A119 Signature HD back to Factory State

Launched in March 2013, the Celkon A119 is a high quality smartphone that runs on Jelly Bean OS. As it happens in the case of all similar phones, after a long time of using it, you might begin to notice errors and freezes and that interfere with your user experience. This article is going to show you what to do in such situations.

The first option you have is a soft reset – a non-aggressive procedure that is going to unfreeze most applications and help the phone’s software load a little faster. In case you’re dealing with more complicated issues, the second solution might be the best for you – performing a hard reset on the Celkon A119 Signature HD. However, before reading further you should be aware that this one will erase all user data, so make sure you make a backup beforehand.


Coming with a dual-core 1 GHz processor, the device is equipped with 4 GB internal storage and supports micro SD cards usage. Coming with a capacitive touchscreen of 720 x 1280 pixels, the phone is known to be very colorful and suitable for watching videos. Also perfect for taking pictures, the main 12 MP camera can also record videos, while it comes with autofocus, touch focus and LED flash. The phone’s second camera is a 3 MP one and can be found on the back.


To begin with the first method that we talked about, a warm reset can be easily performed by removing the 2100 mAh battery and placing it back after a minute. The same can be done by pressing the Power key – you should hold it for half a minute, and wait for the device to reboot by itself.

Moving on to the second solution, this one is perfect in case you can’t unlock the phone anymore because you forgot the passcode or if it is entirely frozen and unresponsive. Please make sure you save all important files on an external device – this can either be your computer, an external hard drive or the micro SD card that we previously mentioned. Alternatively, using the Phone Copy app for Android is also a good a simple way to save data.

a119-signature-hd-keysPlease do the following to perfect the factory reset:

  1. With the phone switched off, press and hold the Power (1) and Volume Up (2) buttons for a few seconds.
  2. When the recovery menu appears and you see the logo, press Power (1) to see the hidden Menu.
  3. Using the Volume Down button to navigate, choose Clear Flash Option and press both Volume keys to confirm the selection.
  4. If prompted, select Reset Phone and confirm in a similar way.
  5. Wait for the reboot to restart and enjoy your brand new operating system.

At this point, your phone should have been reset, having a blank hard drive and a functional OS. Don’t forget to restore the necessary files using the backup you make. If you’re planning to sell the phone to someone else, there will be no need to transfer the documents.