How to Hard Reset the Xiaomi MI-1s

The Xiaomi MI-1s was launched in August 2012 as the successor of the MI-ONE that was also referred to as MI-ONE Plus. The latter entered the market in January 2012. Although both are great devices, the 1s is famous for its long-lasting 1930 mAh battery, as well as its performance. If you own this smartphone […]

Xiaomi Mi-2 Hard Reset Guide to Default Factory Software

The Xiaomi Phone 2 or the Mi-2 – as some might know it – is a powerful quad-core smartphone that was released at the end of 2012. Coming from China to prove that high quality and low costs can go hand in hand, this Android device doesn’t disappoint its users. Although being equipped with a […]

How to Hard Reset the Xiaomi MI-2s to Factory State

The Xiaomi MI-2s is a powerful and highly customizable quad-core smart phone released in April 2013. It’s part of a growing trend towards high quality, low cost touch screen smart phones coming out of China, and this one does not disappoint. Although its features make it a formidable computer in its own right, it is always […]