How to Hard Reset the Dell Aero

No matter how careful you use your Dell Aero, at some point, as any other device, it will develop a series of problems that require your attentions. Anyway, when you experience odd system hangs or slow applications launches, that means you really have a problem that gives you no choice but try the factory reset […]

Hard Reset the Dell XPS 10 to Factory Settings

The Dell XPS 10 is an eye catching, nice and soft tablet with an attachable keyboard. Released in December 2012 the tablet is perfect mainly for business users providing all-day productivity. There are some circumstances when as a proud owner of a Dell XPS 10 you`ll have to deal with software related issues that can […]

Hard Reset the Dell Streak 5 to Factory Settings

It is advisable that once in a while you do a hard reset to get rid of all those endless errors and pending tasks in order to get the device to respond to commands as it used to. Factory resetting your Dell Streak 5 might be the best method to make it work properly again. […]

Dell Venue Hard Reset Instructions (Factory Software)

Have you recently noticed that your device has an odd behavior? If you suffer from frequent stuttering, frustrating lags or unresponsive applications it`a clear sign that your Dell Venue must go through a hard reset process in order to run smoothly again. This method works just fine if you had the bad luck to forget your password […]

How to Hard Reset the Dell Streak Pro D43

The Dell Streak Pro D43 is a powerful and highly customizable dual-core smartphone released in late 2012. It was announced as Dell’s flagship entry on the mobile phone market, and performed admirably for a company known as a late hold-out with their mobile platforms. Despite its powerful processor and full set of features, software errors can […]

Dell Streak 7 Hard Reset Guide to Factory Software

The Dell Streak 7 is a dual-core 7-inch tablet PC released in March 2011. It comes with 4G network capability and the Android 2.2 operating system which had, by that point in time, just begun to lose favor in expectation of the soon-to-arrive Android 3.0 tablets. If you own this tablet and have begun to […]

Dell Venue Pro hard reset procedure (restore to factory settings)

Today we’re going to talk about how should you hard reset your Dell Venue Pro and most importantly, why. Released in November 2010 by Dell, it belongs to the Windows Phones category, having a Windows Phone 7 as the OS. The device comes with an AMOLED  display of 4.1 inches, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass. […]