Blackberry Curve 8530 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Blackberry Curve 8530 is one of the most popular old models of Blackberry Curve, released in November 2009 by Blackberry. Its 2MP camera is equipped with geo-tagging and can be used for filming and taking pictures. With an internal storage capacity of 256MB, the phone has a 528 MHz processor and comes with a variety of applications: Blackberry Maps, Organizer, Document Viewer, etc.

Just like other smartphones, users can experience various problems with the Blackberry Curve 8530, such as an increased number of errors and other unpleasant software issues. If you are the owner of such a phone and faced issues interfering with your user experience, it might be time to perform a reset. There are two options: you can do a soft reset of, in case the problem seems to be more complex, a hard reset on the BlackBerry Curve 8530.

Performing a factory reset on your phone is a very useful procedure, as it’s a sure way to solve a variety of software-related issues in a short time. However, you should be aware of the fact that this will erase the totality of the data stored on the phone. In order to avoid losing important information, you should create a backup of all contacts and data on your Blackberry.

How to Factory Restore the BB Curve 8530


Blackberry Curve 8530

In the first case, a soft reset can be done by removing the battery from your phone and placing it back in. Once this done, you can turn your phone on and verify if it’s working properly. Another way of doing the same soft reset is by pressing the ALT + Del + Shift keys on the phone’s keyboard at the same time, until the reboot starts.

If choosing the second option – the one of a hard restore– making a backup of your personal information is very important and easy to do. The master reset procedure will erase and restore the phone’s entire operating system. To save your data, you can use the Blackberry Desktop Manager application that allows you to create a backup of the data on your phone. To save the information on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Blackberry to the computer using the USB cable.
  2. From your menu, choose Back up now.
  3. Choose the settings and click on Back up.
  4. Wait for the backup to be done, then click OK.

After making your backup for your Blackberry Curve, you can proceed to resetting the phone to factory setting. This can be done following the steps below:

  1. From your home screen tap the Menu key.
  2. Enter the Options folder and then Security Options.
  3. Scroll down to Security Wipe.
  4. Check all available boxes to delete the data.
  5. Type “blackberry” once the confirmation box pops up.
  6. Scroll down to Wipe and wait for the phone to be restored.

Once your phone is restored to factory settings, you will need to copy all the data from the backup you previously made onto your phone. In order to do this, you will be using the same application that you used before – Blackberry Desktop Manager. Follow the steps bellow:

  1. Connect the phone to your computer again with the USB cable.
  2. Click on Device and choose Restore.
  3. Select the backup from the list and click on Restore.
  4. Confirm your choice by clicking Yes.
  5. The data will be restored in a couple of minutes.