How to Hard Reset the BlackBerry Bold 9790 to Factory Settings

The Blackberry Bold 9790, also known as the RIM BlackBerry Onyx III or the Bellagio, is a reasonably-priced full-feature smartphone released in November 2011. Although Blackberry’s trademark OS 7.0 handles the phone’s internal capabilities as well as ever, there can come a time when daily use can cause software errors to accumulate in the mobile phone.

If you begin to notice slower response times for commonly accessed applications, or your phone begins to behave erratically from time to time, it could mean that a hard reset is in order. Resetting your Blackberry Bold 9790 to its factory settings is not difficult, and will often resolve many of these issues by reinstalling the operating system and bringing your phone back to its factory state.

BlackBerry Bold 9790

With 8 GB of storage and a Micro SD card slot holding up to 32GB of extra storage in such a small and convenient package, the Blackberry Bold 9790 is the ideal choice for the person who wants an all-in-one portable solution for their phone and data needs.Blackberry’s inclusion of the small but functional QWERTY keyboard is targeted at users who have messages and documents to write on a daily basis. 

Master Reset Instructions

The hard reset procedure described in this article will erase all of this information when it reinstalls the phone’s operating system, so it’s important to keep a backup handy before you start. If you choose to use the extra storage provided by the Micro SD card slot, remove the SD card before beginning.

Resetting your Blackberry Bold 9790 to its factory settings is made very easy by the internal software menu provided by the phone. Once you have your personal data backed up onto an external hard drive, you’re ready to perform:

  1. From the home menu, press the Menu key twice.
  2. Open your Options folder and enter the Security folder.
  3. Now press Security Wipe.
  4. Under Select Data for Wiping, check both boxes. The third box will only be available if you left your SD card in the phone. Since the card doesn’t carry any OS information, you can safely ignore this box for now.
  5. To confirm, type “Blackberry” into the field just below the check-boxes.
  6. Press Wipe and wait for the phone to reset.
  7. When it turns back on, now fully emptied of your personal data and contacts, you can restore all your information from the backup you made earlier.

After the restore is complete, your phone should work just as well as it did on the first day you got it. This procedure can be repeated as often as is necessary, although it’s rare to need to do it more than once or twice a year at most. Enjoy your like-new Blackberry Bold!