Nokia Asha 501 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Nokia Asha is a bold and powerful smartphone that uses swiped to let you take calls, reply to SMS or switch between various apps. Its design and large 3 inches display make it stand out, but what customers love the most when it comes to its looks is the variety in terms of colors. Whether you like pink, yellow, turquoise, red, green or you prefer the standard black and white ones, there is something for everyone. This article will be your guide in hard resetting the Nokia Asha 501.

Using its own operating system – the Nokia Asha software 1.0 – this cellphone can sometimes have a few issues, too. Similar to most other Nokia devices of the same kind, whenever this one starts to lag, become slow and unresponsive, bothers you with constant errors and so on, you will need to do a master reset. The latter-mentioned procedure is quick in resolving all software-related problems and getting rid of any virus.


In case you upgraded to version 1.4 of this OS, you should know that the phone will be restored to its default one by the end of this. Also, all the files stored on the 128MB ROM or the 64MB of RAM will be deleted, which is why it’s worth taking advantage of the micro SD card. Backing up your documents is something you’ll need to do all by yourself, so it is solely your decision how you wish to do that.


In order to do a factory reset on this model from Nokia mobile, you will have to charge the device and remove all cables from their ports. When the phone is at 100% battery, it helps to turn it off and remove this one, as well as the SIM card for a couple of seconds. After switching the phone back on, you can do this:

  1. Open the phone’s Dialer, and then wait.
  2. Type *+3 and allow for the logo to appear.
  3. Press Call to confirm and the device will reboot.

Another option is to follow the instructions in this video and use the secret code. This one will also have to be typed right into the dialer. Please turn the phone on when it is completely recharged in order for the process not to be interrupted.

As you can see in the Youtube clip above, you will have to do the following:

  1. Press Power and open the Dialer.
  2. Tap the code *#7370# and press Call.
  3. Enter the PIN code – default is 12345.
  4. The phone will begin wiping data and rebooting.
  5. When all files are erased, it will restart in a min/two.

If anything goes wrong while you’re at it, you will need to switch the device off and restart the whole operation from the beginning. In case the reset fails a couple of consecutive times, please get in touch with a representative. Make sure you backed up all important documents before you do that.