Alcatel One Touch S’Pop Hard Reset to Factory Soft

Launched in February 2013, the Alcatel One Touch S’Pop is a small Android smartphone available at affordable prices. Although it comes with a single-core processor, the device running on Jelly Bean OS is known to function very well. As it happens with all smartphones, though, this one can also experience a few software problems from time to time.

If you own this phone and would like to regain functionality of it, our recommendation is to perform a hard reset on the Alcatel One Touch S’Pop. As you might already know, this procedure is going to renew the device’s operating system, but will also erase its memory. Given this aspect, it is extremely important to create a backup of the data before getting started.

alcatel-one-touch-spopTo come back to our smartphone, you should know that it features a 1400 mAh battery, 512 MB RAM and a 1 GHz Cortex-A9 processor. In terms of music, the device comes with a stereo FM radio with RDS and supports files in various formats from MP3 to MP4 and WAV to AAC+. The One Touch S’Pop is also suitable for those who love photography, as it’s equipped with a primary 3.15 MP camera, as well as a rear VGA one.

Restoring the One Touch S’Pop

When deciding that due to application errors, hangs or freezes, your device should be reset, we suggest to first try performing a soft reset. This one is very simple to do and requires powering the phone off, then removing its battery. After approximately one minute, you can go ahead and place the battery back in then switch the phone on.

In case this procedure doesn’t have an effect on the S’Pop, you should move on to a master reset procedure. However, as mentioned before, this is going to wipe down all the data stored on the internal memory of the phone. To avoid losing anything important, you should connect the phone to a laptop or desktop computer via the USB cable and copy all the files into a separate folder. You can also transfer the same files onto a cloud, if that seems easier to you.

alcatel_one_touch_spop_keysOnce this is done, you can safely proceed to restoring the One Touch to its factory settings and software, using the following method:

  1. Power the phone off and fully charge its battery.
  2. Detach the cable from the phone and simultaneously press and hold the Volume Up key (no. 2) and the Power button (no. 1).
  3. When the Android logo appears on the screen, release the two buttons and scroll down to Wipe Data/Factory Data Reset, using the Volume keys (2).
  4. Confirm your selection with the Power button (1) and on the next screen use the same Volume keys (2) to select Yes – erase all user data.
  5. Press the Power key (1) once more to continue and wait for the reboot to begin.

At this point, the Alcatel One Touch S’Pop would have been reset to its original software and you can start using it just as you did before. To recover the data that will have been erased, simply use the backup you previously made.