Alcatel One Touch OT-997D Hard Reset to Factory Mode

Since Alcatel begun to gain more appreciation from customers than many other mobile companies, it might be time for us to focus on one of the most recent models. The OT-997D is a dual-SIM smartphone that entered the market at the beginning of autumn in 2012. It is a fairly simple, but very practical device that comes with great features and a long-lasting battery. However, the same as it happens with all other phones, the Alcatel One Touch OT-997D needs a hard reset from time to time.

Our article today will show you how to do this without having to go to the service or get in touch with your friends who work in IT. Whenever the phone is slower than usual, crashes during certain apps or games, your experience is disrupted by fatal errors or other signs or a virus attack, it is necessary to bring the OT device back to factory settings. This operation is very easy to perform, but it will lead to the permanent loss of all data, meaning that you should back everything up before getting started.

Part of the reason why it’s so easy to do a cold or master reset on this smartphone is the fact that it’s so powerful and well-equipped. Coming with Android OS version 4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich, the Alcatel One Touch 997D has an internal memory of 4GB and a dual-core 1 GHz CPU. The Mediatek MT6577 chipset and PowerVR SGX531u are of great importance when it comes to performing well in difficult situations.


No matter how efficient the OT-997D tends to be in most cases, transferring files from the internet, using its BT v4.0 or copying them from other devices can easily bring viruses to the hard drive. If you’d like to continue enjoying the 8MP camera with geo-tagging, as well as the secondary VGA one, the phone’s stereo FM radio and high-speed internet access, it is time to read the following section of our article and learn how to do a factory reset.


One thing that most OT smartphones from Alcatel have in common is the simplicity of the hard reset procedure. As you might have noticed in the case of other models, the OT-997D can be restored in a few simple steps. Before you do this, though, we’d like to recommend you make sure that the device is fully charged, that there is enough space left on the memory and that you’ve copied all important files onto another device or a cloud.

When you’re ready with these initial steps, you can also do a soft reset on the phone. This is a simple way to solve minor problems, but it won’t get you rid of more complicated, software-related issues that can be caused by a virus. To perform the warm reset, you should press and hold the Power key until the device is switched off, and then quickly remove the SIM card and battery for a few seconds before placing them back into their slots and switching the phone on.

For the first method that will restore the Alcatel OT-997D to factory mode, follow the indications:

  1. Go to the Settings folder, and then scroll down to Device.
  2. Within this section, select Device Information and wait.
  3. Press on More information and tap Reset Phone.
  4. Click OK to confirm your selection, and the process will be launched.

Alcatel-OT-997D-hard-resetAn alternative to this solution is to use the buttons instead of the menu. This option has the advantage of being usable even when the phone refuses to switch off or continuously goes off every now and again:

  1. Turn the phone off and remove the attached cables.
  2. Hold and press both the Power and Volume Up key, and then wait for the menu to appear.
  3. Use the Volume keys to select Wipe Data or Factory Reset and accept your option with Power.
  4. Confirm by clicking Yes and press Power to select Reboot System Now.

Once you do this, the OT-997D will begin to delete all documents saved onto the internal memory. This may include the photos you took during your last trip, important files for work, music playlists and movies, as well as other types of videos and audio recordings. Make sure that you have a backup saved before proceeding. When the wipe is complete, the device will restart and be ready to be used.