Hard Reset the Alcatel One Touch OT-991 to Factory Settings

The Alcatel One Touch OT-991 is an affordable and stylish smartphone released during the third quarter of 2013. The phone with a TFT capacitive touchscreen with 256K colors is indeed very colorful and suitable for taking great pictures. If you own this phone and it refuses to respond, the best way to solve the problem is to hard reset the Alcatel One Touch OT-991.

There are two ways to get rid of the unresponsive apps and poor performance of the device: the first one is called a soft or warm reset and the second one is what we call a hard reset. Also known as a cold or master reset, the procedure is highly recommended in such situations, as it is one sure way of solving most software-related issues very quickly. However, you should bear in mind the fact that this process is going to wipe all the data down. Before telling you more about this, though, let’s learn more about the Alcatel One Touch.


Running on Android OS v2.3, one of the older versions of this operating system that’s known as Gingerbread, the device features a 1500 mAh battery. Thanks to this one, the Alcatel OT-991 supports up to 12 hours of talk time in 2G and 10 hours in 3G. As mentioned before, the smartphone is great for taking pictures, but also for recording videos – it comes with a 3.15 MP primary camera and a secondary one in the back. If you love music, this phone doesn’t lack a Stereo FM radio with RDS and enables users to store music in most format types.

How to Restore the Alcatel One Touch

Coming back to our previous discussion about the importance of a backup, you should know that the first step to take is saving the data on the internal memory of the phone. This is easy to do by quickly connecting the Alcatel One Touch to an external device where you can copy the files. Alternatively, you can use the application for Android devices – Phone Copy guides you through all the steps.

Before moving on to step number two, we suggest making sure that the battery is not damaged or completely used. Fully charge the phone before proceeding and follow the instructions to perform a master reset:


  1. Make sure you switch the device off.
  2. Hold the Volume Up and Power keys at the same time and wait for the Android logo to appear.
  3. Tap the Home Button to see the Menu and scroll down with Volume Down to select Wipe Data.
  4. Confirm with the left sensitive key, then choose Yes with the Volume keys.
  5. Press the left sensitive key once more to continue and wait for the initialization.

The same can also be done using the second method, as shown in the Youtube video above:

  1. Open the Main Menu and go to Settings.
  2. Choose Privacy then select Factory Data Reset from the options.
  3. Confirm by tapping Reset Phone and press Erase Everything.
  4. The reset process is going to begin and last for approximately 4 minutes.