Hard Reset the Alcatel One Touch OT-918D to Factory Settings

If you own an Alcatel One Touch OT-918D, you came to the right place. In case you purchased it around its launching date – end of 2011-beginning of 2012 – you most certainly have it for over 2 years. While the device is known to perform very well at most times and efficiently fight against viruses, you may want to do a hard reset on the Alcatel One Touch OT-918D every year or so.

Whenever your phone can’t be switched on or off using the Power button, it switches off all by itself or fails to launch certain apps, a hard reset is necessary. The same procedure can also be used in case of battery failure or fatal errors popping up on the display. The reset will restore all settings to factory mode and wipe the memory clean, so that all viruses can be easily removed.

You may think you know your Alcatel phone quite well, but there’s always more to find out. This is why we like to take the time to go through all characteristics typical to this device. Apart from the Gingerbread version of Android, the OT-918D also comes with a Mediatek MT6573 chipset and 650 MHz processor. Although the memory won’t let you save more than 256 MB onto the RAM, you can easily store up to 32 GB on the microSD card.


If you love taking photos and videos, you might be a little disappointed by the 3.15 MP camera and the lack of secondary cameras on this OT. However, basic as it is, this smartphone tends to have a little bit of everything – a functional Wi-Fi hotspot that reaches relatively high speeds, a BT v3.0, GPS, radio, accelerometer, as well as compass and a decent 1300 mAh battery.


All the user data on the phone will be lost – this includes photos, contacts, messages and other files, as well as Java games and downloaded apps. The factory data reset is an irreversible process, which is why we suggest creating a backup prior to following our indications. This one can be done using an HDD or laptop, desktop computer or tablet, but the same information can also be stored on a cloud. Given that this is an Android device, Google Cloud can be a relevant option.

In order to restore the factory settings on the OT-918D, you can use similar procedures to the ones that you might have noticed we use on other models. Something typical for Alcatel OT smartphones is to use simple key combinations to prompt the reset:

  1. Press the Power On and # keys at the same time and hold.
  2. Wait for the menu to load and read the information.
  3. Select Yes to continue and the device will begin rebooting.
  4. You will see a message saying “Formatting flash, please wait”.
  5. Wait for about 5 minutes, and the phone will restart by itself.

Alcatel-OT-918D-hard-resetAn easier way to do the same is to use the menu. However, this option is not recommended if the phone tends to switch off from time to time. It is also impossible to reboot using this solution if the keyboard does not respond to your most basic commands. If you think that this might be doable in your case, please go through the steps:

  1. Go to the Home Screen and open the Apps tray.
  2. Select Settings and go to Privacy for more options.
  3. Choose Factory Data Reset and select Reset Phone.
  4. Tap Erase Everything and the reset will get started.

If all the options above fail to work, we suggest getting in touch with an IT representative. You may also want to check if the phone is still under warranty and eventually get the problem solved in a service center before it develops into something worse. Please make sure that you save all relevant files before you hand the phone to someone else, as the data might be erased in case a factory reset will be performed.