How to Hard Reset the Alcatel OT-905

Powered by a 245 MHz processor and coming with a 2G and a 3G network for surfing the web, this smartphone is both affordable and high quality. After it was announced in February 2011, it had its official launch in May during the same year. Although it’s not one of the most powerful devices from Alcatel, and it regularly received complaints about the short lifetime of its battery, this phone covers the most important requirements. Throughout our article, we’re not only going to focus on its features, but also explain the hard reset process for the Alcatel OT-905.

In case you’re wondering why we chose to discuss such a topic, here is your answer. Being a fairly older model from the brand, this phone can easily become sensitive to aggressions. These ones can vary from saving too many files on the device to using many apps at the same time or not fully charging its battery before usage. All these all behaviors that one gets used to, but we highly recommend avoiding them because they damage the phone’s software and increase the risk of getting a virus.

To understand how this phone generally works, you should know that it comes in black, cyber blue and aubergine while it also has SNS integration. Using Java MDP 2.0, it also has integrated radio and can play MP3 files, as well as MP4, WAV, WMA, AAC+ and H.264. Although not ideal for taking photos and shooting HD videos, it can definitely do both with its 2 MP camera placed on the back of its chassis.


With an internal memory space of 50 MB, the device lets you make photo-calls using the phone book while you can also easily record all conversations. Apart from that, you can use the micro SD card to store additional files, and the Bluetooth v2.1 lets you transfer documents from other connected phones. The device comes with plenty of integrated games and is great for using the internet.


The Alcatel OT-905 is one of the easy phones to perform a master reset on. As we’ve mentioned before, this is a good solution whenever your device is running slower than usual or you suspect that it might have been attacked by a bug. By restoring all settings back to default and refreshing the software, this operation will erase every file that might have been destroyed by the virus. However, once the factory restore is complete, we suggest you constantly clear the memory up and avoid an aggressive use of the phone.

Before you move further with the key steps of the process, it is important to make a backup that will save all of your important documents. This way, even though being erased from the phone’s memory, they will still be saved on another device that can be used to restore them at a later time. Feel free to use free apps for the backup and transfer the files on any safe PC or tablet you have in store.

alcatel-onetouch905-keyTo get started, follow the instructions below after having shut the Alcatel off:

  1. Press the Power key together with the Volume Up button, and then wait for the device to vibrate.
  2. Release both keys when the logo appears and wait for the menu.
  3. Use the Volume Up and Down to navigate through the options and the Power key to select one of them.
  4. On the first screen, go down to Wipe Data and choose it.
  5. On the next screen, select Yes, and then go for Reboot System Now.

Another method for the same procedure as before involves using the master reset code for Alcatel. This one is: 25228353 and it can be entered in the Dial-Up screen when you’re ready. Before you do this, you should first turn the phone off, remove its battery and SIM card and insert them back after maximum 1 minute. After typing the code, pressing the green key will determine the reboot to begin.