How to Hard Reset the Alcatel OT-888

Coming in yellow, black, grey, orange and purple, the OT-888 is the key to social success. Why is that? It is one of the few models from Alcatel that were created with the thought of easy social media access in mind. This being said, you can use many of the integrated apps for free to stay in touch with your friends and keep updating your status with interesting data. Facebook and Twitter are already installed – the rest of them are simply a matter of choice!

If owning this great smartphone that was released in 2011, you might have noticed that years haven’t gone by without affecting its functionality. The device might sometimes freeze, show fatal errors or just become laggy and slow. For these issues and many similar ones, we will invite you on a journey of hard resetting the Alcatel OT-888. By doing this, you will bring all settings back to original and erase the data that might be causing your problems.

The phone uses a mini-SIM and has a TFT resistive touchscreen of 3.2 inches. The density of the latter display is of 146 ppi and the resolution is around 240 x 400 pixels. You can choose from the various MP3 ringtones or set the device on vibrations in case you won’t want to be disturbed at work. The Phonebook lets you add unlimited contacts and fields while you’re also able to make photo-calls. The internal memory is only of 50 MB and there is no micro-SD card available to use.


Using Java MDP 2.0 and a 208 MHz processor, this Alcatel phone has a 2 MP camera with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels. There is a microUSB version 2.0 on the device, you can use the Bluetooth with A2DP for transfers between your phone and others, and the Wi-Fi hotspot can be used to connect to the internet quite easily.


If you’ve just recently started to experience a few software-related problems, it might not be the case to do a master reset. In some situations, the problem might simply be solved by removing some of the unnecessary files or turning the phone off and on for a couple of times. Try removing the battery and micro-SIM when the phone is off, and you could have even better results. Make sure that the battery is completely charged and there is no physical damage that causes these issues.

Before you consider the second option, you should save all of your music, photos, videos, contacts and other files on another device. You can use any phone, laptop or desktop you’d like, as well as USB sticks and external hard drives. The only thing you should be careful about is copying all of the key data so you can restore you once you’re done with the reboot.

For this method, we will be using the physical keys situated on the chassis on the Alcatel OT-888. Doing so, there is no need to have access to the menu. Therefore, you can easily use this solution when you forgot the passcode or the phone switches off at unexpected times. Please do these with the device turned off and no cables attached:

  1. alcatel_ot-888_keysPress the Power key for a couple of seconds, and then press both Power and the # key.
  2. Wait for the menu to load and release both buttons before it reaches 100%.
  3. Read the warning and select Yes with the same Power button.
  4. You will see a message informing you about the state of the operation; wait until it is complete before you do anything else.