Alcatel OT-799 Play Hard Reset to Factory Soft

Are you annoyed by sudden restarts and frozen apps out of nowhere? Do you need advice in sorting those out and making your phone work as brand new? If the device you own is an Alcatel OT-799, we will explain exactly how to solve these issues out. The solution we propose will restore everything to factory software by deleting all files – we’re talking about doing a hard reset on your Alcatel OT-799.

This operation is recommended every two or three years because it brings the phone back to a functional state in just a couple of minutes. It is considered to be a cleaning process, the same as you clean your car, your pet or anything else. It simply keep viruses away, maintains the phone nice and working while it lets you sell it to anyone else without having any problems. Since this Alcatel was released in 2011, if you bought it around that time, you probably own it for over two years now. So, it might be time to do a master reset!

Coming with a great TFT display with 65k colors measuring 2.4 inches, the phone has 70 MB of internal storage capacity. In addition to its RAM, it also has an external micro-card that will allow you to save even more data. The Alcatel OT also supports photo-calls and call recording. You can purchase this device in either black and red or cherry and red in terms of colors.


The OT-799’s battery is an 850 mAh one that doesn’t require charging for up to 600 hours in stand-by and supports a maximum of 10 hours talking time. It is powered by a 208 MHz CPU, is equipped with unlimited games and uses a 2 MP camera for taking photos and videos. The latter comes with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, and reviews coming from current and former users prove that it is a good camera for a basic one.


This model of Alcatel is one of the easiest to reboot. While it uses hard reset keys in order to do that, the same as most other smartphones, this one doesn’t take you through a never-ending sequence of questions and confirmations before it gets started with the process itself. For this reason, we recommend making a backup before you use our instructions. Given how fast the phone is to restore itself, you might not want to be surprised!

alcatel-onetouch799-keysApart from the typical method that we’ll give you details about, you can also try to do a soft reset by turning the phone off. Press the Power key long enough to switch it off, and then remove both the SIM card and its battery from their corresponding slots. Place all these back in after a minute or two and try to switch the device on.

If you’re still dealing with problems, you could also open the Dial Pad and type the master code: 25228353. Press the Green button to confirm – this will get the reset started without any additional steps to go through.

For the method using external buttons, you should do the following:

  1. Turn the phone off, charge it and remove all cables.
  2. Press the Power key and the # button until the display is on.
  3. Wait for the data to load and choose Yes using the upper left key.
  4. The phone will inform you that it started formatting and ask you to wait.