How to Factory Reset the Alcatel OT-385

The Alcatel OT-385 is mainly just a basic phone that satisfies most important needs – making phone calls, sending and receiving texts, taking a few pictures, playing games, etc. Although its keyboard seems a little too compact and there is no memory expansion slot, users tend to appreciate what comes on this device, given its very low price. If you happen to own it since 2011, when it was launched, you might have started to be bothered by a few software issues.

For all of these that might include frozen screens, error messages and hangs, we will be teaching you how to hard reset the Alcatel OT-385. Being a very simple phone, it is also simple to bring it back to factory settings by using a few simple steps that we’ll discuss at a later time. Before we do this, though, we’d like to remind you of the importance of saving your data. Everything will be lost in the process, so you should have a recent backup with all of your relevant files.

Powered by a not-so-strong CPU of only 104 MHz, coming with an FM radio and a micro USB v2.0, the device is equipped with a tiny display and a QWERTY keyboard. It weighs 3.00 oz. and measures 4.13 x 2.28 x 0.47 inches. Its internal memory is not that large either – 0.4 MB, but the Phone Book lets you save a wide number of contacts that you can later use to make photo-calls.

Alcatel_OT-385-fullThe OT-385 comes in silver, cherry red and cyber clue and it can play MP3 as well as files using the H.263 format. Apart from these features, it also has an organizer, a voice memo and predictive text input. Its only camera is situated on the back of the chassis and is a VGA one that can also record videos. Its resolution is of 640 x 480 pixels.


When doing a master restore on any similar Alcatel phone, it is important to choose the method that suits you best. In this case, for example, you can take advantage of the exterior buttons in case the phone is completely unresponsive, but you can also try doing a soft reset or use the code if you still have access to the menu.

Beginning with the first option, you should follow the indicated steps:

  1. alcatel-ot-385-resetBegin every procedure with a soft reset, by pressing the Power key for a couple of seconds.
  2. When the device is off, do the same as you do when setting it up – begin by removing the cover on its back.
  3. Remove the battery and place it back in, and then do the same with the SIM card.
  4. After placing the cover back on, press Power to turn the Alcatel on and wait until it loads.
  5. Press the green key to make a call and enter: 25228353 then confirm it with the same button.

The above solution will automatically start the reboot. In case the phone is getting better after simply doing a warm reset, you can also stop at step 5. If you were unable to follow the indications or it simply failed to work in your situation, we suggest using the following method.

For this one, you will be using the master reset keys, as stated here:

  1. Switch the phone off, and then remove all of the cables.
  2. Press Power and # key until it vibrated and let the menu load.
  3. Choose Yes with the left key on top and wait for the reboot to begin.
  4. The display will indicate “Formatting, please wait” and the device will restart by itself.