Guide to Hard Reset the Alcatel OT-318D to Factory Defaults

A basic phone with a camera, MP3 playback and FM radio, the Alcatel OT-318D is an affordable smartphone. Since January 2011, when it first entered the mobile phones market, the device has been purchased by over 50,000,000 users worldwide. Although not one of the trendiest ones you could buy, I personally appreciate this Alcatel for its colorful display and the dual SIM card. If you also love this phone, join us today and let’s extend its lifetime.

In order to do so, you need to take very good care of this phone. This involves clearing its memory from time to time, making sure that the battery is completely charged before removing the cable and taking it to a service from time to time. One thing that we can all do by ourselves and doesn’t require professional help is performing a hard reset on the Alcatel OT-318D. This is a procedure that brings all the settings to default by removing your personal preferences.

Before we dive into the important steps of doing this, a key aspect is getting familiar with the smartphone. For this reason, you should know that the device comes with a warranty paper and a user guide that gets you started. You can order the phone in red, white or black, and once you open its box, you will be able to enjoy that also has GPRS support.


Although the phone doesn’t come with a headset, you can play mostly any type of music you’d like. The 650 mAh battery lets you talk for up to 7 hours without recharging again. The internal memory allows users to save a maximum of 0.2 MB, but additional files can be stored on the micro SD card (max. 2 GB). The interface is easy to use and similar to other Alcatel phones, and whenever checking for the contacts, you will be given the choice between the SIM card 1 and SIM card 2.


When it comes to restoring the phone to original settings, you might have various reasons for wanting to do so. Whether the phone cannot be switched on anymore, it is frozen and hasn’t responded for a couple of minutes or it simply turns off by itself, there are many options you can go for.

For example, in the first case, you might want to check the state of the battery – remove and reinsert it or try charging it for at least 30 minutes. In the second situation, you can try restarting the phone using the Power key. In most other situations you could encounter, you can also go for a master reset before contacting the service center.

To do this, you will need fully turn the phone off and charge it before you get started. Follow our instructions when you’re ready, and don’t forget to save everything before you move further, as this will result in data loss. Here are the indications:

  1. alcatel-ot318d-keysHold and press the # key and Power button and the device will restart.
  2. Read the info and use the Upper Left key to select Factory Reset.
  3. The Alcatel will now be reformatted; it will be done in maximum 5 minutes.

Please bear in mind that these steps will determine your phone to erase all user data and preferences you set. Once it will be done, you cannot restore the files anymore, unless you previously created a backup. If this method failed, feel free to use the master reset code: 25228353. This one can be entered in the phone’s dialer – the device will automatically react to it once you press Dial.