Alcatel One Touch T10 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Alcatel One Touch T10 is a cheap tablet which came to life in 2013.This tablet has no GSM connectivity, and it cannot be used on any GSM network, just as a simple slate. If you are the proud owner of such a device, you must already notice to feel a little instability in regular use, casual freezes and slow performance. All of these troubles can be erased in just a few steps, if you hard reset the Alcatel One Touch T10.

By performing a factory restore on the tablet, every informational bit stored inside the drive will be completely removed. This includes contacts, text messages, applications, pictures, videos and music. In order to avoid any accidental loss, it’s highly recommended that you first create a back-up of any sensitive data, which can be restored afterwards. But before jumping into the soft restore methods, let’s get to know the tablet itself.

The Alcatel T10 has a TFT display with a 7 inch diagonal and an internal memory of 4 GB and 1 GB RAM. However, the single-core processor is not so powerful, running only at 1 GHz frequency. The tablet also has a VGA camera and runs Android 4.0.3 ICS. The Alcatel T10 is definitely not a tablet for gamers or guys who need performance and this is a big disadvantage, especially when considering the slow processor and the non-removable battery.

Restoring the Alcatel T10 to Factory Settings

If your Alcatel  tablet starts to freezes, lags, or you may need to clear out all the data, it may be time for a hard reset process.  First of all, you will need to backup all the data. You can do this online, or by using a external memory drive. After you  made the backup, you can proceed to  reset.  There are two ways of resetting your tablet, and the first one can be initiated right from the Android menu:

  1. Go to Application and chose Settings App.
  2. Under Settings menu, select Backup and Reset and then  Factory Data Reset.
  3. Lastly select Reset Tablet.  If you set up a lock pattern before, you will need to input the pattern.
  4. Now just select Erase Everything.

There’s also another way to reset your tablet to original soft, by getting access to the recovery menu.

  1. First turn Off the tablet , then press and hold the Power Button and at the same time press Volume  Down , until the logo will appear on the screen.
  2. You now have access to the Recovery menu where you can cycle up and down with the Volume keys and select with Power Button.
  3. Now chose Wipe/Data Factory, then select Yes  and  wait a couple of seconds for process to complete.
  4. Lastly, chose to Reboot the system.
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