How to Hard Reset the Alcatel One Touch OT-803 (Easy Guide)

If you ever got to play with the great OT-803 from Alcatel, you definitely know that this device comes with a few features that make life a lot easier. Starting with the 2.4 inches display and moving on to the 2 MP camera with video recording, without forgetting about the 208 MHz processor with standard OS, this smartphone might not be using the latest technology. However, all of these characteristics mix together in such a way that make it a must-have for those who are looking for a simple, affordable, but still impressive phone to use.

Because our article today won’t only focus on the details of the Alcatel One Touch, but it will also talk about how to reset it, we consider it important to define this procedure. Therefore, doing a hard reset on such a phone means to set it back to the state it came in from the factory store. When doing this, all of the personal data added by the user will be erased, except for what was stored on the SIM card. You should hard reset the Alcatel One Touch OT-803 when it can’t be switched on/off or it fails to properly launch most applications.

Launched during the summer of 2011, this smartphone is characterized by 50 MB of internal storage that are backed up by 16 GB of external storage on the micro SD card. Apart from that, the device comes with Stereo FM radio and integrated support for MP3 files, WMA ones, MP4, AAC+, WAV and H.264.


The Li-Ion battery it has is a 1000 mAh one that lets you talk for a maximum of 10 hours without having to recharge. Also, you can play music for up to 26 hours without recharging, which makes it a great device to have when going on a long trip. Coming in blue, red, black and purple, the OT-803 uses Java MIDP 2.1 and is equipped with a great Bluetooth version 2.1.


If you’ve been dealing with problems like the ones we mentioned in the beginning, we’d like to make a few recommendations. First of all, it’s key to make sure that the battery is fully charged, but also to check if this one is not damaged or entirely used. In addition to that, you might also want to perform a soft reset, also known as a warm one. This can be done by turning the phone off, and then removing both its battery and the SIM card. Reinstall them afterwards in order to power the device back on.

If the Alcatel OT-803 is still not working, you should create a backup of all the files you’d like to save, and then get ready for the master reset. While this is a great procedure to use, and it is especially recommended for its efficiency, it will result in data loss. Use any device you have in store to transfer the documents on and follow the indications below:

  1. alcatel-onetouch803-keysSwitch the Alcatel off and remove all the cables connected to it.
  2. Make sure that the phone is in Power Off mode and hold the # key together with Power on/off.
  3. Wait for 30 seconds and when the device vibrates, release both keys.
  4. Select Yes to continue and read the on-screen information.

After you’re done doing this, the screen will inform you that it is “Formatting flash, please wait” and the device will restart when this operation is complete. Please feel free to use the backup now to restore all of the necessary data.