Hard Reset Alcatel One Touch Idol to Factory Settings

While some of you might know this one as the Alcatel OT-6030D, we all know that it was released at the end of spring in 2013. Coming with a powerful dual-core processor, as well as a PowerVR SGX531u GPU, this device definitely has more to offer than meets the eye. If owning this model, you are having constant software problems interfere with your experience, we would like to suggest performing a hard reset on the Alcatel One Touch Idol.

Although its name might remind you of the Idol Ultra, this smartphone was launched one month after the latter, and there are quite a few differences when it comes to the way they are master reset. However, in both cases, the procedure itself has the same effect – the one of restoring the original operating system and settings on the mobile device after having erased everything from the memory.

Speaking of memory, you should be aware that this model comes with two options in terms of storage – you can either go for 4GB or for 13.3 GB with the dual SIM card option. The total RAM capacity is of 1 GB, and you can also take advantage of a microSD card. The latter can be used when making a backup, which is, by the way, a very important step to take before doing a reset.


Powered by Android 4.1 and using Mediatek MT6577 as its chipset, the One Touch Idol is also great from a connectivity point of view. Equipped with version 4.0 of BT and a strong Wi-Fi 802, the device comes with Stereo FM radio (with RDS) and a microUSB. The available colors are pink, silver, red, yellow and slate, and these are not the only colorful things about this device – it also takes great photos thanks to its 8MP camera and the frontal 2MP one.


In order to return this model to default software and restore its factory settings, you will have to carefully choose one of the methods below. As you most certainly know it from other Alcatel smartphones, you can always count of a soft restore. This method is badly called a reset or restore, as it will not delete any of the files on the RAM.

However, it is worth giving it a try, as it will unblock a frozen keyboard or display, an unresponsive device, failing apps and other problems of this kind. Whenever the phone froze, you can press and hold the Power button until it shuts off. You will then have to take the battery out, wait for a minute and place it back into the slot. Press Power once again to turn the phone on and check for changes.

alcatel-ot-idol-resetIf nothing improved or you’re dealing with more complicated problems, such as errors, lags, blue screens and signs of viruses, you should rely on one of the following two solutions. They both do pretty much the same, but the first one is great if your display is unresponsive:

  1. Turn the device off and charge it.
  2. Press Power and # key, then hold both.
  3. Wait for the Android logo to appear, and then the Menu will load.
  4. When asked “All data will be lost, continue?” press Yes and wait.
  5. The phone will automatically begin the process, so please wait.

Do not remove the battery or other components of the Alcatel phone during the procedure. Also, please avoid manipulating the One Touch Idol while you can see the following status on the screen: “loading flash, please wait”. When this will be done, you will see a new message on the display, and the phone will restart.

An alternative is to use the menu if the keyboard and touch panel are working:

  1. Go to the Main Menu and touch Settings.
  2. Enter the Backup & Reset section and press Factory Reset.
  3. Read everything and choose your desired option.
  4. Press Reset Phone and wait for the reboot to be complete.