How to Hard Reset the Alcatel One Touch OT-995 (Factory Settings)

The Alcatel OT-995 is a smartphone with a 4.3-inch color display, 5-megapixel main camera, a VGA shooter on the front, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, a 1.500 mAh battery. The Alcatel OT-995 is a android smartphone released in February 2012.

You should reset your Alcatel One Touch OT-995 if the mobile can’t be switched on/switched off by power key, or switch off automatically, and the failure is not related to battery. Please back up all the useful information or it will be deleted after phone reset.

Reset your mobile means to set your mobile phone into the state as when it comes out from factory. Please be noted that after phone reset all personal data added by the user will be lost (except SIM card), which includes: pictures, audio, video, downloaded applications and games, products directory data and WAP bookmark etc.

Before proceeding towards the reset procedure, you must make sure that the phone battery is almost full, all of your data has been backed-up (including contacts, media files, pictures, music, etc.) and that the SIM card and SD card are not inserted. Although this last step is not mandatory and the reset procedure should not affect data stored on them, you can never know for sure.

Alcatel One Touch 995

Resetting the Alcatel One Touch 995

So let’s assume that you have realized that your Alcatel One touch 995 cannot power on, what can you do to hard reset it? Try the procedure below:

  1. First make sure that your phones battery has not accidentally been damaged. If this is the reason why the phone is no switching on, buy a new battery.
  2. Remove the phones battery and the SIM card, reinstall them and try to power on again
  3. If your mobile doesn’t switching on, press and hold “volume up” and “power” keys at the same time and only release them when 2 vibrates
  4. Go to the main menu and then select the menu icon followed by restore default set.

Your phone has now completed a hard reset and it should be able to power on now! If the process does not work well, you can try this general guide used to reset any Alcatel phone.

  1. Long press “power on key’’ and ”# key’’ at the same time when the phone is off.
  2. The phone will ask you if you really want to continue since all user data in the phone will be lost.
  3. On selecting ’’yes’’, the phone will start formatting.
  4. Very important, do not remove the phones battery during the process, because you can damage it.