Hard Reset the Acer Stream to Factory Settings

With a superb resolution of the screen and a powerful macro mode for its camera, the Acer Stream is a great smartphone that had its official launch during the summer of 2010. If this device doesn’t respond to any of the control buttons or its display is frozen, it may be necessary to do a reset. There are a soft version and a hard one, and we recommend trying the first one before considering the second.

While today’s article is going to teach you how to hard reset the Acer Stream, we will also briefly instruction you on the warm version of the same procedure. The latter will only restart all operations and will not aggressively restore your phone to original settings. However, if this doesn’t work for you, the other solution is one quick way to get rid of all possible viruses. What is important to remember, though, is that you will be losing all user data by the end of the process.

Also being sold under the name of Acer Liquid Stream, this phone is especially appreciated for its Dolby Mobile equalizer that’s great for playing music. In addition to that, its internet speed can reach up to 7.2 Mbps in HSDPA, and the Acer benefits of an amazing web browser. Although it takes very good pictures thanks to its 5 MP rear camera, the device isn’t ideal for shooting videos, as the quality of the 720p ones it records is very poor.


Powered by Android’s Éclair operating system, the Acer Stream has a 1 GHz Scorpion CPU and a maximum of 2 GB can be stored on its internal memory. And since it’s good for music lovers, this phone is also equipped with radio and has an integrated Youtube app. The Bluetooth v2.1 has been reported to work very well for transferring data.


The Acer Liquid Stream is an easy phone to reset. In case you’re dealing with minor software problems that bother you, it is indicated to press the Power key until it vibrates and shuts off. At this point, you should remove the cover and get rid of the phone’s battery for a few seconds. After placing it into its slot once again, connect it to a source of electricity and charge until full. Only when this is done, try to power the Acer on.

We only recommend you perform a factory restore when all other options have failed to bring the phone back to a functional state. Please make sure you have a recent backup of the important files saved on another device. Once you are ready, follow these instructions for one of the available methods:

  1. Acer-Stream-keysOpen the App Menu and click on Configuration.
  2. Choose Privacy and go for Factory Data Reset from the options.
  3. Click on Reset phone and Remove everything on the next screen.
  4. The mobile phone will now be formatted.

If the Acer Stream fails to respond to commands given via its display screen, switch it off and try the hard reset keys method below:

  1. Press Power until it vibrates, and then wait for the Acer logo.
  2. Hold both Volume keys pressed until more options are shown.
  3. Use Volume Down to select Clear Boot and confirm with the Camera button.
  4. Similarly, choose Yes on the following screen, and then briefly press Camera.