Acer Liquid Z110 Duo Hard Reset to Factory Soft

The Acer Liquid Z110 is a dual SIM phone that is also popular under the name of Liquid Z Duo. Having entered the market in the autumn of 2012, it’s equipped with a 3.5 inches touchscreen display. The 4.0 version of its Android OS makes it work well and successfully meet most clients’ expectations. The hard reset procedure for this device will be the main subject of today’s article while we will also focus on the general characteristics on the smartphone.

Whether you’re dealing with apps that don’t function properly, an Acer phone that gets stuck on certain screens, an operating system that takes ages to load, a forgotten password or any similar problem, the master restore will solve most of them. Being a highly efficient operation, it gets you rid of software bugs and brings everything back to factory soft. For this reason, we’d like to remind you of the importance of saving your data before you get started.

Powered by 512 MB of RAM and a 1 GHz processor, this smartphone lets users store up to 4 GB on the internal memory. Apart from that, in order to save additional files, you can also use the 32 GB space available on the external micro SD card. The Acer Liquid weights 100 grams and its dimensions are 4.33 x 2.42 x 0.48 inches.


Equipped with a 2G and a 3G network, this phone uses its Wi-Fi 802 hotspot to reach speeds of maximum 7.2 Mbps. It comes with two main sensors – one for proximity and another serving as an accelerometer. In terms of photography, you may be disappointed to find out that the only camera available is a 3.15 MP one. However, you can use it for geo-tagging while it is also great for shooting videos.


Any programs that you’ve ever installed on the Liquid Duo will now be removed, and contacts will be lost. Together will all other important data, these ones should be saved in advance if you plan on using them at a later time. You’re free to use any device in order to transfer the files, and we highly recommend using an app to make your work easier.

Once you’re done choosing the best applications and making the backup, you should get ready to restore the default settings on this phone. The Acer Liquid Z110 can be formatted using the following method:

  1. acer-liquid-z-keySwitch it off using the Power key, and then remove all connected cables.
  2. Press together the Power and Volume Down keys until it vibrates.
  3. Wait for the data to load and scroll down with the Volume Down button.
  4. Select Wipe Data with Menu and use Volume keys to choose Yes.
  5. Press Menu to confirm and the reboot will begin by itself.

If necessary, follow additional indications that might pop up on the screen and wait for the process to be complete before you do anything else. The device will then automatically restart and load all necessary applications. Once it’s ready you’re safe to restore all documents back into it.

An alternative we have to the previous method uses the menu to erase all data in the exact same way. Although it is equally efficient, we suggest using this one if the device is still functional and you can open most applications. Do this for the second solution:

  1. Open the Settings folder from the Apps Menu and choose Privacy.
  2. Scroll down and select the option for Factory Data Reset.
  3. Read the warning and click on Reset Phone.
  4. To confirm your choice, tap Erase Everything.