Hard Reset the Acer Liquid Glow E330 to Factory Settings

At a first look, the Acer Liquid Glow E330 is a budget smartphone that offers quite a lot in return of the money you’ll pay for it. Released during the summer of 2012, this device has a 1300 mAh replaceable battery, comes with a comprehensive user guide and a 4 GB micro SD card that goes with an SD adapter. Whether you went for the pink, white or black version of this mobile phone, in case you own it you most probably are quite keen on keeping it functional.

For this reason, as well as many others, our article today will talk about the hard reset procedure for the Acer Liquid Glow E330. To restore to factory settings, you can use our primary method that will erase all of the files. However, in case you’re only having some minor issues with the device, you might as well want to try a soft reset. In both cases, we highly recommend saving everything on another phone, a computer, a tablet or a memory card before you get going.

Powered by the Ice Cream Sandwich from Android, a Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon chipset and a 1 GHz processor, there are a 2G and a 3G network available on the Liquid Glow. In addition to all these features, the internal memory adds up to 1 GB of total space while the phone uses an Adreno 200 as its GPU. Given the price of the phone, you’ll probably be happy to learn that its only camera is a 5 MP one that has support for auto-focus and geo-tagging while it can also shoot videos.


For music lovers, there is an integrated FM radio that you can take advantage of and using the wide space on the memory and SD card, you will be able to store all the music you want. In terms of general connectivity, you can use the Wi-Fi 802 hotspot for the internet and the Bluetooth v3.0 to transfer files between connected devices. Most social apps are already included for free together with Youtube, Gmail, Picasa and Google Talk.


As previously suggested, we’d like to come back to the easiest way to get rid of your problems. Therefore, if your phone is continuously rebooting, it doesn’t vibrate or ring when you get a phone call, forgets to ring the alarm when it was meant to, won’t make phone calls or it simply freezes every now and again, this solution might be the best one to choose.

In order to start with the soft reboot version, you should first press the Power button with the phone turned on. Hold the key for about 10 seconds, until you notice that the device switched off. Once this is done, please charge the device until it’s full, and then remove all cables. Open the tray on the back and take both the memory card and the battery out. Reinsert them after a minute or two and switch the Acer back on.

acer_liquid_glow_hard_resetIf the same problems keep on being present or they come back after a couple of hours/days, you should consider the master restore solution. It can be performed after unfreezing the device, so you can have access to the main menu. Do the following for the reboot:

  1. From the settings folder, go to Backup & Reset.
  2. Choose Factory Data Reset and click on Reset Phone.
  3. Go for Erase everything and wait until formatting is complete.