Acer Iconia Tab A511 hard reset guide – back to factory settings

Today we’re going  to talk about how to soft reset, hard reset or factory reset the Acer Iconia A511 Tab.Many of you might know the ACER logo from your computer monitors, but the company took a big step forward with the Acer Iconia Tab A511. On the first sight, you might not know if you’re dealing with a tablet or a phone or maybe even a photo-frame… the answer? It’s all of them. But who wants to spend 500 euros on a modern photo frame?! Basically, we’re talking about a 10 inch tablet, with full phone features, including 3G.

Announced in February 2012, the Iconia Tab A511 arrived in August last year. You can find all the specifications online, but the main change in comparison with the A510 model is the more powerful processor – the new tab has a dual core processor clocked at 1800 MHz while the older version is slightly slower, at just  1500 MHz.

How to Soft / Hard Reset the Iconia Tab A511


The first method discussed will be how to soft reset the tablet, a process we all need to do this when the device stops responding or it takes too much time to load. The A511 model has a small button on the side, near to the multi-function connector  (as seen in the picture below). You’ll need a very small object, like a needle, to press it. If it was just a random error, the device should start as if nothing had happened.  The best thing is that all data is preserved after the procedure.


Hard Reset instructions

When you’re bored of your tablet and you want to sell it like brand new or you don’t want any of your precious information to end up in someone else’s hands, bringing the A511 back to factory settings should do the trick. Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, tap the Home button. 
  2. From the Applications menu navigate to Settings.
  3. Now from the Backup & Reset menu go to Factory Data Reset.
  4. To completely format the product’s internal memory, choose the  “reset tablet” and “erase everything” options. If you also want to clear the content of the SD card, make sure to also choose “erase card”.

When the Iconia A511 is unresponsive

Another variant, also known as plan B, is best applied when the A511 is unresponsive or cannot load the operating system. The following instructions will wipe the device clean just like mentioned above:

  1. Turn the tablet OFF.
  2. Now press and hold the volume up button simultaneously with the power button until a new menu pop-ups: “Android system recovery”.
  3.  Use the volume button to scroll up and down, and the camera button to select whatever you want to do. If you scroll down, you’ll find “wipe data/factory reset” option – select it.
  4. Now choose “yes – delete all user data”.
  5. After the message “data wipe complete” will appear on the screen select “reboot system now” and the phone will be exactly in the state it was when you bought it.