Acer CloudMobile S500 Hard Reset Guide to Factory Soft

The Acer CloudMobile S500 is a dual-core cloud-connected smart phone released in September 2012. It boasts a full set of features and a sleek, beautiful IPS LCD capacitative touch screen. If you’re an owner of this particular model of smart phone and you’ve begun to experience problems such as unresponsive applications, error messages for normal daily tasks, or unexpected restarts, it could mean that a hard reset is in order.

A factory reset will erase the contents of the on-board storage drive and re-install Android 4.0 from scratch, eliminating the corrupt software that’s causing you problems.

The CloudMobile S500 is one of Acer’s higher-market phones. Like the Acer Liquid Z2, it comes with a number of features designed to resonate with the cloud-centric modern workflow. This particular phone has been designed with as much cloud integration as possible in all aspects, down to the scant 8 GB on-board storage. Of course, with tens of GB available through various cloud network services, it’s not a big deal as long as you keep a high quality network connection available. A MicroSD card slot is also included, allowing for up to 32 GB of on-board storage space.



How to Reset the Acer CloudMobile S500

That MicroSD card mentioned above can come in handy here, because when you reset the Acer CloudMobile S500 to factory settings, you are also erasing all of your personal data from the internal drive. That includes contacts, photos, and third-party applications.

The phone will quite literally be reset to the same state it was in when it left the factory, so using that MicroSD card to backup your data is very important. If you do not have a MicroSD card, you can also backup through a USB connection to a PC, or, of course, through the ever-present wireless cloud network.


However you choose to do it, once the backup is complete and your data is safely copied to another device, you’re ready to hard reset the Acer Cloudmobile S500:

  1. Start with the phone off. Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons simultaneously.
  2. The phone will start and the Acer logo will show up. Release the buttons and hold the Volume Up button.
  3. The phone will vibrate in acknowledgement and open into Recovery Mode.
  4. Use the Volume buttons to select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  5. Confirm your choice, let the phone initialize and wait a few minutes.
  6. Select Reboot when the phone prompts you to, and let it restart.

Once you’ve completed this task, the phone will restart completely emptied of all of content, including whatever software was causing you problems before. From this point you can easily restore your backed up information and continue using your Acer CloudMobile S500 just like it was brand new.