Acer beTouch E400 Hard Reset Steps to Factory Soft

Problems can frequently appear with the Acer beTouch E400, and you could try to repair your device before you buy a new cell phone. When your phone refuses to respond, the best way to solve this problem is to hard reset to factory soft, by following some simple steps.

Acer beTouch E400 is a smartphone released in April 2010, which runs the older Android 2.1 Eclair, and it has an 81 mm touchscreen. This phone also comes with a camera without flash, digital zoom, white balance, Wi-Fi, geo-tagging, color effects and a simple macromode. Also, the phone has an accelerometer sensor and the storage capacity supports microSD card up to 8GB.

With a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, Acer beTouch E400 comes preinstalled with Acer Sync, a smart application that offers cloud-based and Wi-Fi synchronization with notebook, desktop or netbook. When you are using an Acer beTouch E400, you can enjoy a copy of Twidroid, known as Twitter clients and a music streaming app called spinlets, which is a music discovery app. Also, with Android 2.1 you can use the latest apps, so this slim and elegant phone it offers you many facilities. Acer beTouch E400

How to reset the Acer beTouch E400

When your smartphone fails to respond if you press the buttons or tap the screen, you have to reset it. Pressing the reset button, it interrupts power and restarts the smartphone, but it will not erase personal information. Of course, you may lose information from open applications. To find the reset button, look under your smartphone’s battery cover, next to the SIM slot. It is necessary to assure that your smartphone in not locked before you are resetting your phone. So you have to press any key or tap the screen, in order to see if the phone responds. Acer beTouch E400 Reset Button

Method 2

By hard resetting your Acer E400, you will restore your smartphone to the factory settings. It is important to perform a clean boot when all other options you tried failed to restore your phone. Also, by performing this action, all your contact stored on your phone and any programs you installed will be erased. The steps you have to follow are:

  1. Open Settings form the Applications table.
  2. Tap Privacy /Factory data reset.
  3. Click Reset Phone.
  4. Then erase everything to format your phone.
  5. If the phone do not respond to screen input, you have to reset your smartphone first.