Acer beTouch E130 Hard Reset to Factory Soft

Manufactured by the Acer mobile company, this mobile phone has a great QWERTY keyboard and elegant design. Apart from this, users tend to be very happy with the connectivity options and fast internet. One should not forget to mention the amazing battery life among the advantages of using such a smartphone. However, the same as it happens with other devices, you might sometimes experience lags, errors or failures that will require you to hard reset the Acer beTouch E130.

There is no need to worry if any of these symptoms sound familiar to you, as it happens to the best of us. All you need to know is that a master restore will allow you to reset the password in case you forgot it, erase all files at once if you’re trying to do so and reset the settings while you restore the original OS in less than 5 minutes. The main result will consist of all bugs being removed and the phone being functional once again.

As you might have already realized, it is important to save the files that you don’t want to lose. Thankfully enough, this phone supports the use of microSD cards, so you can transfer up to 32 GB on one of them. Also running on version 1.6 (Donut) of Android, the beTouch E130 allows users to easily save anything they want using Google Drive.


Some of the less amazing aspects related to the E130 are the 3.15 camera that can record videos and take photos. However, the quality of these ones will not be as impressive as what you might have been used to. For entertainment purposes, you can listen to the FM radio for as long as you want and also download or copy music files from other devices – the player accepts most formats, including H.264, eAAC+ and MP4.


In case the Acer beTouch you own is the E130 model, and it fails to respond to commands you’re trying to give via the keyboard or the display, you should perform a factory restore. To do this, you should first make sure that you transferred everything onto a backup saved on a different device or a cloud service.

During the reset procedure, all of the files stored on your smartphone will be erased. The backup itself will be useful once you’re done with the reboot, as it will allow you to restore the data without too much hassle. For the simplest way to initialize the process, do this:

  1. Turn the phone off, and then press the End Call key.
  2. Hold this button and wait for the device to vibrate.
  3. When the Acer logo appears, press and hold Volume keys.
  4. Release when the menu pops up, and then use Volume buttons to navigate.
  5. Select Clear boot and press the camera key to prompt the reboot.

acer-e130-betouchIf you’re lucky enough to still be able to use the keyboard, then another option for you to use might be the second one. Follow the steps below and avoid interrupting the procedure when it’s already started. It will take about 5 minutes before the phone restarts if you do the following:

  1. Press Menu and open the Settings section.
  2. Select Settings, and then press Privacy.
  3. Click on Factory Reset and tap Reset.
  4. Read all info, and then tap Erase All.

For any additional information or in case something goes wrong during the process, please feel free to leave us a comment. We will respond as fast as we can in case we are able to help you. However, you should get in touch with a representative of the mobile company of the issues persist after the reset.