Hard Reset the Acer beTouch E110 to Factory Soft

With 4.5/5 stars received from most users, this beTouch from Acer Mobile has been attracting more and more customers since March 2010. Although its OS may not be the strongest, you shouldn’t be tricked by the low price of this device. It comes with one of the most attractive designs among Acer phones and is also equipped with a large display using resistive technology. In case you’re not convinced yet, let’s explore more about this phone together and learn how to hard reset the Acer beTouch E110.

If you’re wondering what this reset process is all about, let us clarify this before we get started. First of all, by doing a factory restore on this device, you will regain access to the original operating system and settings on the beTouch. Secondly, this will also remove the user data on it and get you rid of possible bugs that are causing you trouble. Last but not least, you should choose to go through such a procedure whenever your phone fails to work as it should, you think you’re dealing with a virus or you want to quickly erase a large amount of files.

Whatever reason you choose to do this for, you should be familiar with the features characterizing the beTouch E110. Therefore, let me inform you that the microUSB port that you can find on this phone can easily be used for charging, but also for syncing the handset. The 240 x 320 pixels display can sometimes take its time in responding to swipes or finger movements, but the developers at Acer are currently working on improving this feature.


Running on version 1.5 of Android (Cupcake), this smartphone is equipped with A-GPS, as well as FM radio and Bluetooth v2.0. It does not, however, come with a WLAN connectivity option, but it can turn into a great device for work, as it has Pocket Office installed by default. Other aspects that you might want to know are the 3.15 MP camera that can record videos, the 416 MHz processor, as well as its 256 MB of RAM.


To put it shortly, the beTouch E110 that is currently showing errors, lags, failures and other similar issues can be fixed by using three different methods. The first one is not a hard reset procedure in itself, but more of a soft one that can solve minor issues.

To get started with this option, you should simply press and hold the Power key when the device is blocked. This will help you shut the phone off, and you can then easily take the SIM card and battery out of their slots. You should place them all back in after a couple of seconds and try to power the beTouch back on.

For those dealing with constant problems that don’t seem to be going away with a few simple steps like the ones before, we have two more options to discuss. Before we get started, though, it is important that you remember to create a backup with the files that you consider important, and then do this:acer-e110-reset

  1. Fully charge you device, and then shut it off.
  2. Press the Volume Up & Call & Power buttons and hold all three.
  3. Wait for a vibration, and then release Power while you hold the other two.
  4. When the logo appears, release all keys and allow for the menu to load.
  5. Use Volume Down to go to Data Erase and Power to select it.
  6. The reboot will be initiated – wait for more instructions to be shown.

You may already be familiar with the steps above, as they are similar to what one usually does in order to restore other smartphones to factory soft. However, be sure to follow all instructions that will show up on the screen and read the information/warnings that might pop up.

If you’re looking for an alternative solution, you may as well try this:

  1. Load the Apps tab from the menu and select Settings.
  2. Go to the SD card & Phone storage section and select Data Reset.
  3. Wait for the Reset Screen to load, and tap Reset Phone.
  4. Read all info, and then press Erase All to confirm.