Hard Reset the Acer Allegro M310 to Default Software

Also popular as the Acer W4, this phone comes with at least three main advantages. Among these ones, we find it relevant to mention the affordable price, as well as the light weight and elegant look. Using the Windows 7.5 OS, this is also a reliable smartphone that will resist some of the most aggressive virus attacks. However, if you own this device and believe it might have been infected, you should do a hard reset on the Acer Allegro M310 by following our instructions.

Within the second section of this article, we are going to illustrate two of the most popular methods of doing a master reset on the device. Before getting there, you should be aware that the procedure is recommended for eliminating bugs, as well as restoring all settings to default, but it will delete the files you saved onto its memory. This being said, please make sure that you make the necessary backup, as this is your sole responsibility.

Coming with 8GB of memory and a great, responsive touch screen, this smartphone might not be the best for taking photos. The general quality of the camera, as well as the lack of a flash function are two of the main aspects that clients have been complaining about. However, the Allegro phone comes with a Wi-Fi 802 and BT version 2.1, as well as a microUSB port.

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If you’re a sporty person, you can easily connect most fitness bands to the Allegro M310 thanks to its accelerometer. It also comes with a compass and proximity sensor, and it is a great companion when you’re going on long trips, as it supports most music file types. Apart from this, many games are compatible with the Mango operating system and can be easily downloaded from the store.


The Allegro M310 from Acer is a little bit different from most other smartphone that you may have been used to. First of all, it comes with a few new buttons that you might not be familiar with, and secondly, the way to master reset this device is not exactly the same as the ones on other Acer phones.

acer alegro hardFor this reason, we’d like to make sure that you fully understand what you need to do and avoid causing more trouble by using the wrong procedure. Therefore, you can use two main solutions for resetting this phone, as follows:

  1. For of all, tap the right arrow on your screen and load the apps.
  2. Scroll down within your Apps tray and select Settings.
  3. Go to a section called About Phone, and then tap Reset Phone.
  4. Confirm the option after reading the instructions, and the reboot will begin.

Another way to do the same thing is to use the hard reset buttons instead of the menu. This is a great way to sort your issues out without having to access the settings and use the keyboard, so you can use it whenever the phone is fully unresponsive and blocked:

  1. Turn off the Allegro M310 and fully charge this one.
  2. Simultaneously press and then hold Camera & Power & Volume Up.
  3. Wait for the setup menu to appear and release the buttons.
  4. The procedure will automatically be launched, and you should wait for the restart.

At this stage, the phone should have come to the original settings and default software. This being said, you should use the backup you created in order to restore all files you need. If something went wrong or the problems keep coming back, you should get in touch with the technical support from Acer.