Bringing Your Mobile Phone Back to Factory Settings

Why hard reset your phone? Well, first of all, this is a process similar to a hard drive format on a conventional computer. While everything important is deleted, the phone will be brought back to a working state in a few minutes. This is ideal to get rid of infections, software errors or simply delete any important data before a resell. Performing a hard reset guide on a conventional phone will bring the device back to factory settings, deleting every piece of personal data and media file, except the version of the operating system. Among the pieces deleted by such a process one can count system settings, contacts, application and the cache. While this may sound awful for purchased applications, we do note that Apple and Google remember details about paid application so after the reset, customers will not have to pay for them again. Moreover, a hard reset procedure offers some the possibility of preserving the contents of the SD card, so only elements that are stored on the internal memory will be affected. Before performing this procedure, users should make sure that the phone has sufficient battery (above 60 per cent) and backup everything important. Use the box below to search for a phone or tablet model (just type its name or model number)